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July Focus: american Peoples Affinity


Newsletter – July 2018 – Focus for this month is the Americas Affinity.

A couple who began serving in Brazil the beginning of this year says:

God is gracious and faithful and we have much to fill you in on. Part of our objective in being here is to build relationships with various churches and help them understand the importance of taking the hope of Jesus to the people around our country who have never heard.  We have attended over 20 churches since we arrived. We’ve made many friends, met kind people and even been asked to participate in some teaching segments in the church.  It is common for a pastor to ask us if we want to share anything with the church, right then and there.  We’ve tried to have a little something prepared before we go!

We took our first language test and by God’s grace we did well. R received an Advance Low grade and C received an Intermediate Mid.  We still have much to learn, but this was such a blessing to know that we are progressing in language comprehension.

We visit one particular community near our city two or three times per week.  We participate in or lead Bible studies, discipleship groups and times of evangelism and worship.  The people are warming up to us.  We can tell because they have begun to ask our opinion on things.  We desire to be in this community to build trust and to share truth from God’s word.  We’ve seen two people repent of their sin and give their lives over to Jesus this month!  This community is very small, so when a person who has been living contrary to God’s word gives their life to Jesus, everyone knows.  Confessing sin and choosing to live differently is a very public matter in this rural community.


Prayer requests:

1.    For the Power of the holy Spirit to work through our words and actions as we continue to serve in the “PDT” Community

2.    In many parts of our city, religion is common. Please pray for the truth of God’s word about Jesus to convict people’s hearts to obey.

3.    Please pray for the discipleship relationships we have begun.  We desire to be faithful, loyal, encouraging and bold.