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C is a young lady whom we met this summer at training in Virginia.  We thought you might enjoy her updates as she moves overseas.

t o d a y  is  the  d a y-


 The long and expected journey to the city that will be my home is finally here! Today I am flying out and by Sunday afternoon I will be in St. Pete! The L has proved His goodness and sovereignty up until this point and I know He will not fail as time goes on. Without the Father this journey would seem all too impossible, but with His nearness I am excited for what's to come! 

More so, I am looking forward to sending my next update while in country! I ask that you lift up my partner and I as we travel and as we need to hit the ground running once we arrive Sunday. It is my hope that in the midst of moving, my eyes would be solely focused on Him who has called me. 

-t o d a y  is  the  d a y  pt. 2-

It is Sunday, October fourteenth and unexpectedly I am still in America. I should be in St. Pete, being in awe of the city and it's people. Yet the L has had other plans. Multiple flights were delayed yesterday causing me to miss my connecting flight overseas. Thankfully, I managed to get a hotel in Dallas where I will be until this evening. Hopefully I will be flying out around 5 pm!

In the last 24 hours, the Father has shown me immeasurable peace. Though unforeseen changes are hard and frustrating, His grace still covers every corner of this earth and His grace still exceeds every second of time. Nothing can thwart the L's plan! Nothing at all!

Will you join me in asking that I have strength, peace, and safety in the journey ahead? Will you also join me in asking that the L will provide opportunities to converse and share with those in the airport and on the plane? Already He has allowed me to be encouraged by meeting others who know Him in the airports!

Lastly, I am not sure what your past days have looked like. Maybe some surprises have hit you too. I want to remind you that He is always at our right hand. He uses hardships to bring us into deeper communion with Himself. The L is faithful and nothing will thwart what He has ordained. He never wastes what we go through; rather He uses it that we may make Him known to others.