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April Focus: Southeast Asian Peoples Affinity


The mission emphasis for April is Southeast Asia.  The countries in this affinity group of IMB are Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Timor-Leste, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Papau New Guinea and Brunei.  We are following T&D who serve in Indonesia.  Here are two excerpts from their newsletter:

“T's family came to visit us and joined us on a trip out to an unreached island where we spent a few days sharing. We do not know of any indigenous believers who live on this island so the soil is tough, but our L0rd is faithful and He led us to so many open souls. We were able to share the full good news with a whole family... twice! We met them while they were having a picnic and shared, the next day the L0rd led us to their front door. They welcomed us into their home and where we got to share with their extended family as well. On an island of more than 205,000 people the Father chose them twice, please pray for conviction for this family.

I (D) meet behind locked gates and barbed wire every Wednesday night to study the word with a group of girls who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. Trust me, it doesn't feel like work. I love these girls, they are so much fun, we laugh together, we eat together, and we sing at the top of our lungs. Every Wednesday with them is great, but this past week was something extra special. After our study time together one of the girls pulled me aside and said she'd like to talk. She began telling me about how she knew about J before we started reading the word but she didn't really understand. She said, "Sister, I don't know about before, I'm not sure about then- but now I know I believe in J." Praise G0d for working through His word. Please continue to life up this group of girls as we read together.”