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august Focus: east asian peoples affinity

The mission emphasis for August is the East Asia peoples of China, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan and Korea.


We want you to meet F & J and their small son J.  They have been studying language for over 6 months.  But change is coming.  From their newsletter they tell us:


“Last month we took a vision trip to our future city.  A group of wonderful brothers and sisters joined us from the states.  We had a blast reconnecting with them and exploring our new city.  The city is home to about 7 million people, but only about 1% profess to know Him.  In other words, there’s still a lot to be done.

Things we did during the trip:

  • Connected with brothers and sisters from a local house ch-rch
  • Connected with teammates who deeply encouraged us
  • Visited historical sites to get a glimpse of the city’s rich history and culture
  • PR walks around the city
  • Hosted several English Corners and shared the good news with university students
  • Played basketball and connected with several young guys
  • Ate stinky tofu and lots of other goodies

The trip gave us a better understanding of the city as a whole. It also opened doors for future partnerships with our sending ch-ch. We continue to ask Dad to give us the heart for the people there and the wisdom to do his work. It may seem like an impossible task to reach this city, but we believe in His power and f-ithfulness to draw people to Himself.

In July, F will be working hard to finish language requirements. We will be saying goodbyes to our friends and closing our time in the landing city. In August, J will take a short trip alone for a women’s retreat. F will take a separate trip a week later to the future city to look for an apartment. Please pr for our family as we navigate through all the changes. We love you all!

On another note, J's going to be a big brother early next year! Please pr for mommy and baby's health.