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August Focus: North American Mission Board


This month the mission emphasis is NAMB or North American Mission Board.  Often, we aren’t as familiar with this as with the IMB or International Mission Board.  However, the needs are great in both organizations.  While the IMB covers the world, NAMB covers the United States and Canada.  And what I find so interesting today is that there are so many nationalities that are now residing in the US and Canada.  Does that change our mission focus?  I’m not sure that it changes our focus but it could change our approach.  It opens the door for “international” missions within our own country, state and city.  But no matter where people are from they all still need to know about Jesus.

If you haven’t ever looked at the website for the NAMB I encourage you to go there and do some exploring.  (www.namb.net) You will find it divided into three focus sections: Send Relief, Send Network, Send Hope.

Send Relief is compassion ministry which focuses on poverty, refugees & internationals, foster care & adoption, human trafficking and disaster response.

Send Network is church planting.

Send Hope is evangelism strategy.

When you explore the website perhaps you will find something that piques your interest.  There are many articles to read and topics to explore.  Is there something that you might be interested in?  Let the Missions Team know. 

In the bulletin our weekly prayer requests for this month will come from the NAMB church planters.  Please join me in praying for them.