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may Focus: Sub Saharan Africa affinity

For May we are highlighting Sub Saharan Africa.  


Steve and Karla went through training with Bob & Coleen in January 2005.  They have been in Mozambique since March of 2005.  Three of their 4 children are now in college in the states.  This is an excerpt from their last newsletter.

“So much has happened this past month. It’s been all good. I remember a conversation I (Karla) had recently when I was sharing about the reading group. The other person doubted or questioned if we were truly able to help or make a difference with one afternoon per week and suggested we were wasting our time. I then heard myself back down and suggest that she may have a point… What was I thinking? When God sets something in motion, we are to respond with obedience and leave the results to Him. Two years ago a brown-eyed, energetic 9-year old with a winning smile had not yet learned how to read. Her mother was considering pulling her from school because she would be more helpful at home since she wasn’t good at school. The girl did continue with school and our group time. Last week she ran to greet the Maputo Urban Team members and then pulled me aside to show me a note she’d written and then began to beautifully read her note of appreciation. A week later she asked me to follow her after our group time and she showed me her tests for each subject for which she’d earned the grade of 18/20 on each. Thank you, God, that this sweet girl is reading, writing, and doing math and school work well. Pray that the children that come to this group time will continue to attend and learn and improve their academic skills. Pray that the Lord would touch their hearts and call them to him as they also hear of God’s love for them during their weekly learning time. Pray for each of us in ministry that we would follow God’s leading – not be pulled off course by nay-sayers. May we all be obedient : leave the results to God.”