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February Focus: Central Asian Peoples Affinity


 Our mission emphasis this month is Central Asia.  Please hear from A & B. 

Real Cool Story: In our part of the world, our coworkers like to tell Real Cool Stories as a way of encouraging one another and reminding one another that G0d is still working here even when we feel like we might be spinning our wheels, so I thought I’d share one from this month with you guys. 
As is often our team’s practice, one Sunday my teammate and I went to a local refugee fellowship with which we have a relationship. We were planning to drop off some grocery store gift cards to the past0r so that he could give them to refugee families in need. Prior to meeting with us, the p@stor asked us to sit in the back of the sanctuary while he led the opening time of pr@yer and began pr@ise and w0rship. After leading us in a time of group pr@yer and beginning the time of w0rship, he led us into the dining area to have conversation where he began telling us about some of the ways that G0d had been working in his small congregation. That day the weather was really bad, so only about half of the congregation was in attendance, but he said that only 2 of the 15 in attendance that day had been a believer for more than 2 months! That means that G0d is doing something in this city! He told us the story of Khaled, who was the very nice and welcoming guy who was sitting directly in front of us while we were in the sanctuary. He said that Khaled had somehow gotten his number and texted him one day 6 or 7 months ago and told him that he needed to hear about J.C., so he went to meet Khaled and answer his questions. While he was there for his first visit, he learned that Khaled was an active member of an internationally known 4 letter group that has been on the news in America for the past several years and that is known for its hatred of followers of J.C. After meeting with Khaled two or three times at Khaled’s request and giving him time to consider the message that Khaled was so certain that he needed to hear, Khaled realized that he had been following a lie and he turned from that lie to become a follower of the Truth. 

G0d is saving the people who we would often consider to be the most unsaveable people in the world! Let that be encouragement to you as you see the brokenness of the world nearest to you and throughout the world. Don’t stop sharing the Truth and don’t stop pr@ying!