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June Focus: South Asian Affinity


 Our Mission focus for June is South Asia.  Enjoy part of a newsletter from J.

Greetings from South Asia, I am excited to share with you all some key updates on how the Lord has been responding to prayers for our team:

Shortly after sending out my previous update we were able to connect with ten local pastors who live in the district, all of which are outside of any previous networks we have connected with. We spent time with them sharing God's vision and purpose from the Word, "For from the rising of the sun to its setting my name will be great among the nations" (Malachi 1:11), and talk about what it looks like for all believers to participate in that. From that time each of these pastors has requested that we spend time training and coaching the leaders within their churches in simple tools so that they can be more faithful in kingdom work, with the intent of these leaders going on to train the believers around them in these tools as well. This is a massive victory, and we are very excited. This week we will begin training these leaders and we look forward to seeing all that the Lord has in store with these new partnerships.

In addition, the Lord gave us an amazing language learning opportunity in the midst of election season, a time where our ability to travel and do normal work was rather limited. At the beginning of this previous month my partner and I each took a language examination to see where we were at and what we needed to focus on more. The results were encouraging, on the ACTFL scale I tested at Intermediate High overall proficiency, which considering I have only spent seven months on the field and had minimal formal language instruction it is truly a testament to the Lord's grace. After receiving the results, during election time in our area, the Lord granted an unexpected opportunity to spend two weeks in the state capitol with one of the best Hindi grammar instructors in the country focusing on weaker points in our language. The time that the Lord granted was incredibly valuable and we have already seen big improvements in our ability to communicate.

If you have the time, read Psalm 111 and praise the Lord for these big ways that he has provided.