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March Focus: Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


 Who are the unchurched? What do they look like? How do they behave? Where do they live? You can answer all of these questions just by looking around you.

We interact with the unchurched every day. We work with them, socialize with them, witness to them. They’re our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones. And they’re in all cities across the United States.  A research company called the Barna Group did a ten-year study and published a list of America’s top churchless cities.  These were San Francisco, CA; Burlington, VT; Boston, MA; Portland, ME; Redding, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Seattle, WA; Albany, NY; Phoenix, AZ; New York, NY.  The percentage of residents unchurched ranged from 48-61. The Group defined “unchurched” as anyone who hasn’t attended a church service at any time within the past six months except for a holiday or special occasion.  They found that 40% of American adults are unchurched. 

The most effective and efficient way to reach the lost in North America is through missionaries who spread the gospel through establishing new churches and serving the needs of their communities.

Every year, we honor the life and missions impact of Annie Walker Armstrong (1850-1938) when we give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® for North American missions. As a tireless servant of God and a contagious advocate of missions efforts throughout the world, Annie Armstrong united women in missions endeavors, ultimately leading to the formation of Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU).

These missionaries need not only our prayers, but also our financial support. The SBC and the North American Mission Board (through your financial gifts to AAEO) are uniquely positioned to help these missionaries make the greatest kingdom impact.