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June Focus: South asian peoples affinity

This month’s story is written by a Journeyman (C) serving with a team in Nepal who lives in the city and takes trips into other areas.

“This is a typical pattern of how our trips function. We pray; Where are you working, God? How can we best see you there? We listen for a response. We plan accordingly. Pray again, for clarity and safety. We go and abide with Him along the way; then, we praise God for all that He is doing.

On our last trip out to Dang, we got to see God do many amazing things; but, I wanted to take a minute and give you the ‘highlights’ so to speak.

Near the beginning of our trip we traveled to another UUPG (Unreached, Unengaged People Group) community. When we got there, who did we find? A family of believers! Wow, my God is so awesome. Constantly showing that His glory will go to the ends of the Earth. While meeting with this family we got the opportunity to sit and encourage them. To let them know that they don’t have to travel several hours to go to a church; they can have church in their own home and they can be the ones who reach out to their family and community. We also got to sit and model a Bible study with them. Pray that this family grows in their faith and that the resistant community surrounding them would be broken by the gospel that they boldly share.

The following days, I got the huge honor to sit in on, and to help S start a church. What an incredible blessing to be there on the very first meeting with these believers. They struggled to do the simple things that I take for granted, such as finding where books are in the Bible and understanding how it is broken up into chapters and verses; but, God was with them. The spirit was working in their lives and they are hungry to know God and learn to love him.

That night we taught about baptism; and, a newly married couple was at this first meeting. The next morning we got up to walk down to a river to baptize them. God is so good. Not only did we get to see a new church begin and have it’s very first meeting; but we got to baptize a husband and HE turned around and baptized his wife!”