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August Focus: European Peoples Affinity Group


The mission emphasis for August is the European affinity.  The European Affinity includes people from all of the following countries:  England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia.

For organizational purposes the area is divided into clusters.  The Nordic Sub-Cluster is Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Zack and Jennifer Dove seek to build relationships with the people of Norway and share with them the relationship they have with Jesus. Being the only IMB family in Norway, they see the importance of connecting with local partners. They are working with families in three cities in the county. The majority of these are house churches or other small groups. Much of what they do is rather simple. They go into their cities in pairs, trying to engage people in conversation where they live, shop, eat and hang out, and seek to identify those God is already pursuing. Because their strategy is simple, they are able to include local families and volunteer teams that visit from the States. In preparation for evangelistic opportunities, they participate in training that not only utilizes engaging questions in order to connect with people personally, but also, prepares them to be good listeners both to the person they meet and to the Holy Spirit. Being able to share their own salvation stories in two minutes as a way to present the gospel is another critical component of their training because it also allows the listener to think about what they’ve heard and gives them an opportunity to ask questions.

> Zack and Jennifer want to see each person they meet as a unique and interesting person that God created and loves, never as a target or project. Intercede that He will give them His eyes for the places they live and work, and His heart for the people they meet.

 > Pray for open hearts among the people Zack and Jennifer encounter. Ask that the Holy Spirit will speak clearly through the Doves.