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October Focus: East Asian Peoples Affinity


October is the month for East Asia.  Please meet David and Connie who served first in Canada and then Taiwan.  He was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer, has had surgery, and a very encouraging future prognosis.  But they will no longer be able to serve with the IMB.  The following is from their most recent newsletter.

I want to introduce to this young man and tell you a little of his story.  Peter is his English name but his Chinese name written in pinyin is actually Pao-Sheng Chang.  He is a phenomenal and brilliant young man who just turned 24 years old.  One Thursday night he just walked into the men's Bible study I was teaching as we were about to start.  I knew that I had not seen him before so after we introduced ourselves I asked him how did he hear about the class and he told us that he went to another church but someone there had told him he needed to come to this class so he did.  He soon told me that he would like to do some one on one Bible study and I agreed to do some with him.  We were able to get together at a coffee shop and spent several hours just getting to know something about each other.  I asked him about his testimony and he shared the following story with me.  He has born with Tourette's Syndrome and because of his ticks and mannerisms as a child and teenager he had suffered being made fun of and was ostracized.  Despite this condition he is a brilliant young man and excelled in his education.   When he was a junior in high school he came to know another young man that was a senior at his school.  Peter told me that this young man was just different from any of the other students at his school and he said that he wanted to become friends with him and be like him.  They did become friends and Peter found out that he was a Christian and this young man shared his faith and invited Peter to church.  This was the only Christian that Peter knew and he certainly did not know anything about Christianity.  However, Peter knew that he wanted what this young man had in his life and Peter soon accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.  I don't remember if Peter told me the young man's name, but what an example he is for all of us.  I was really impressed and humbled by this young Christian boy and how he was truly that light in a world of darkness.  

Now a little more about Peter.  He shared with me how he had learned to control most of his Tourette's issues but because of dealing with them he had become interested in medical research as to how all of this works in the body and he wanted to work on a cure. He has completed his masters degree and was working in a biomedical research lab when we met.  He had already obtained a full scholarship to work on his Ph D at Oxford in England and was just waiting for his first semester to start when we met.  Unfortunately, within about a week of our one on one meeting I found out about my diagnosis of Cancer and we had to leave and return to the US for my surgery, so we were not able to meet anymore.  Not long before Peter left for England he was able to boldly go back to his high school and shared his story.   I know that you do not know Peter personally, but I would ask that you pray for this young man his journey, his witness, and his growing in faith.