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October Focus: East Asian Peoples Affinity Group


The mission emphasis for October is the East Asia peoples of China, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan and Korea.  Even as we often struggle with life here so do those who are sent out around the world.  One colleague shares openly and honestly about Spiritual Warfare and Homesickness:

Spiritual Warfare:
Sometimes I completely forget about where I live (stupid I know). I get into a groove and forget about the darkness that is so heavy around me. However, I don’t stay in this ignorance for long because the Spirit shows me the depths of the bondage in this land in order to wake me out of this stupor. Sometimes it’s through physical illness in myself, other times it’s through outside forces hindering God’s work, the other day it was simply the presence of evil that I tangibly felt and physically saw as I walked home from the gym, and finally it’s almost always in the enemy stealing my sleep. But I know that God can use all of these moments to teach me, protect me, show His faithfulness to me, and simply spend time with me as I lean closer into Him and use His word to push back the darkness around me. 
This was one of the things that I feared most before coming. What would my reaction be when I just really desired to be home? That isn’t what good missionaries feel… they don’t say “forget this, I’m out of here.” Right? But this month I wanted to say that SO. MANY. TIMES. I felt guilty for missing my family. I felt guilty for wanting to leave. But, in the homesickness I learned even more about His all-sufficiency. I felt His Spirit fill me up so that I could do the thing right in front of me instead of focusing on a life 7,000 miles away. I learned more of His providence and how He sees everything happening around me and yet still speaks to quiet my heart. I’m thankful that I have a family and support system back home and I’m thankful that I do miss them, it simply shows me how gracious the Father is. But I am also learning that I can’t sit in those feelings for very long, I can allow them to come and offer my heart once again to Christ and wait for His peace to flood my spirit.