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June Focus: South asian Peoples Affinity


Newsletter – From friends serving in South Asia

One of the things that make it interesting and sometimes hard living overseas is the difference in the holidays. Our Christian friends celebrate the main holidays of Christmas and Easter and many celebrate the New Year on Jan 1, but that is where the similarity to American holidays end.

There is no Thanksgiving holiday here or July 4th. There is an Independence Day, but it is, of course, on a different day. There is also the equivalent of Memorial Day and Labor Day, but they are on different days too. Valentine’s Day? Not so much. Mother’s and Father’s Day? Nope.  They do have a Children’s Day, which is nice for the kids.

Most people here celebrate the New Year in April. There are many other holidays that have religious significance, which we do not participate in. There are dozens of holidays with various traditions like lighting candles, putting out lanterns, lighting fire crackers, and giving away food.

We try to carry on our American traditions the best we can, but sometimes holidays remind us of how far away we are. The religious holidays remind us how far the people are from the true living God. Pray they would turn to the One who can save their souls.